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Hello, I guess?

Literally no idea if anyone even follows this blog these days, but if any active simmers have ever subscribed to this Dreamwidth account and receive this in their daily feed, greetings to all of y'all from the future! And also shoutout to Dreamwidth looking the same exact way as it did all those years ago. That's pretty impressive – and I mean that in a good way – considering how most web services change their layout, look and feel every two weeks.

You may remember me as lagritsalammas, a.k.a. that Estonian simmer who built some pretty sweet things back in the day when The Sims 2 was the hottest game in town. Quite a few years have passed, with me last being active here sometime around 2014, and last time actually playing the game sometime around 2012. Five years. Golly.

Anygays, I bought myself a brand new iMac this week and naturally my thoughts moved onto the pastures of my favourite game of all time. And while moving all my files from the old laptop to the new computer I obviously stumbled across the stash of Sims pics from back in the day. Needless to say, I'm feeling nostalgic. Nostalgic enough that I've made the decision to install a secondary operation system on this Mac simply for the joy of being able to play The Game again and run all the expansion packs, including Apartment Life (lowkey mad that they never released it for Mac, as I'm not willing to play the game without ceilings). Now, I don't know when exactly I will get to it, as most of my earnings are currently spent on a real life simming experience, a.k.a. the actual reconstruction of a real flat that I bought for myself to live in in real life for real in reality. But I'm guessing I will have saved up enough by next month to buy an official version of Windows to install (see, I'm not a pirate at heart after all).

Long story short, I want to start simming again. It was a great joy back then, and I'm sure an all grown-up version of me will enjoy it just as much. I've looked into the different options out there, including The Sims 3 and 4 as a potential gaming platform. But to be frank, the pudding faces and an emphasis on the Sims' personalities rather than the building aspect are quite the turn-off for me. I really liked the way characters interacted in '2. They may be simplistic and predictable, but in the end, their goofiness was enchanting. Not to mention the lack of personal attachment I have towards the newer games as opposed to the plenthora of it towards The Sims 2. Oh, and also, mountains of all the amazing custom content that's ever been created for The Sims 2 can't even be compared to the crumbles available for the newer installments of the Sims franchise.

Long story even shorter, I hope to see you all soon! Perhaps next month, even. And if I do start, I'll be putting back all the missing pics and links for this blog, too.

See ya!

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