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Hello. I don't know if anyone reads this blog anymore, considering I haven't been participating in the simming community for roughly two years. But, guess what, I might be coming back.

I quit for several reasons, the main ones being my computer's motherboard burning up and me trying to devote myself to my studies. I got the computer fixed sometime in August, but have been neglecting it ever since. Last night, however, I decided to boot it up, only to find all my Sims-related files untouched (along with some music I didn't even remember I had ever been listening to). What's missing, however, is a decent video card along with sufficient RAM, as the slots of the new motherboard are different from what there was before.

Now I need to decide if I want to start playing again. For all my studying and internet needs I have my Mac, meaning any expense to better the old comp would be for Sims only. I've really enjoyed this addiction-free period, but I'm kind of tired of having my house plans come to life on paper only. I also find it stupid to have an in most cases fully functional piece of equipment just tucked away in a box somewhere, rather than actually using the thing.

So I don't know, maybe I'll be posting some new content soonish. I want to finish developing Behemoth Isle, but I also feel like some new neighbourhoods should come to life. Challenging myself with a legacy couldn't hurt either. We'll see. :)
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Hey there! I thought I'd share some random pictures from my game.

I really enjoy watching my sims play the drums, can you tell?

This is something I promised lalabubus the last time I posted some pictures. There you go, a picture of the bedroom as it is with those other wallpapers!

Something I really enjoy doing in my game is landscaping. In the coming days, I think I'm going to build a maze and hide a small cabin in it.

Hanne Silentmince, the girl who pulls the quirkiest and loveliest expressions. I find her to be one of the most adorable sims I've ever had in my game. She currently lives in an old-fashioned apartment in one of the big stone houses on the corner of Victory Lane, but I think I'm going to move her into a smaller row house with a business on the ground floor. It is going to be either a bakery or a bookshop.

Personal life has been as hasslesome as always. But since I now have a personal blog on Tumblr, then all I have to say about things other than Sims is from now on kept there. And no, this is not shameless self-promotion (even though it totally is).
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Largely based on the café I myself work at, may I present you, Teapot Café!

At Teapot Café, you can not only fill your stomach with the most delicious dishes, you can also cherish your eyes with picturesque views from the windows, which open into several different directions. The café is located on the upper floor of an old corner house. There used to be an antiques store on the ground floor but it went bankrupt shortly before the apocalypse.

If you have the time, make sure you take a look at the back yard and explore the ruins next door.

Ready? Then it's time to enter the building. There are three different dining rooms from which to choose:

The modest Green room.

The cosy Red room.

And the fancy and private Violet room. I tried to make the dining rooms look comfy and welcoming but slightly worn. After all, the café is located in the middle of a post-apocalyptic town, so a feeling of security in a harsh life could do my sims good. Yet they should keep in mind it's a crazy world out there and that's where the shabbiness comes in.

But enough of what every visitor can see and on to where the real magic happens. That is, of course, the kitchen:

I have a thing for kitchens. For rooms in general, too, of course, but kitchens have always played a special role in my life. You see, my father is a cook and I've basically grown up sitting in a corner of a big room of hot stoves with steaming pots on them. But when most of the restaurant kitchens I've seen have looked somewhat or maybe even rather... how to express that thought... umm... When most of those kitchens were rather laboratory-like, then the kitchen I'm currently connected with the most is actually rather cosy and home-like, with many decorations and plants and a general feeling of being welcome. I didn't try to recreate that look but I did, however, try to recreate the feeling, the atmosphere. And here is the result!

I like to pretend that the plants on that commode are herbs used for spicing up the food. The biggest plant is probably a giant peppermint of some sorts.

Up next is the storeroom which I'm particularly proud of. What makes me so proud of it is that I actually managed to cramp as many objects as necessary onto a minimal amount of space, while leaving the general feeling spacious enough for a room like that. I also had trouble finding suitable items onto the shelves without getting repetitive and I think I managed it quite well.

And before I finish, have a look at the floorplans too, if you so desire. There's one for the ground floor and one for the upper floor. I totally forgot to include any pictures of the middle story of the building on the left. Whoops.

And that's about it for now. :)

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