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I'm still alive, although I haven't really played in a while. So here, have a picture of Behemoth Isle, a sub-hood of Kettlemumble.

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After many sleepless nights and unholy days, I finally have some pictures of Kettlemumble to share. To those who missed out on me babbling about the concept of the town back in December 2010 or to those who want to refresh their memory, here's the deal. Or actually, here's the whole deal with some new bits added.

Kettlemumble used to be a small town of neat wooden houses gathered along the seashore and built next to the medieval village of Sheephogs Willows. The quaint town was home to local fishermen and their families, as well as farmers from the surrounding areas. With the arrival of the industrial revolution, a few factories were built not too far away from the town. Two of them handled fish, while one produced textiles.

The days in Kettlemumble passed in a slow and peaceful pace. That is, until the day the country was occupied by the regime of the Great Leader. He was a man of visions and those visions let him see that Kettlemumble's factories were almost twice as productive as the ones of the capital city.

Research showed that success lay behind the high mineral levels of fish that the locals ate. Because of that, the dwellers of Kettlemumble had strength to be more than just hard-working. And so the Great Leader gave an order to build even more factories in Kettlemumble, as well as start rebuilding the town as a whole. What he wanted was to create a prodigy town, a town to be an example for every other one. Wide streets, tall stone houses, luscious alleys, happy hard-working people... You get the point.

During the days of rebuilding, a lot of Kettlemumble's initial architectural heritage was destroyed. The regime would've probably destroyed even more, had the apocalypse not broken out. In fear of a deadly virus, the majority of Kettlemumblers was evacuated, whilst many native settlers decided to stay where they belonged to.

The virus never reached Kettlemumble and neither did the ones who left. It did kill the majority of the land's population, leaving many greater cities soulless. Luckily, a lot of soul was left in Kettlemumble and proof of that can be seen below.

If you only knew how amazed I myself am! I've been working on Kettlemumble for so long. I can trace back my notes of this neighbourhood existing back to November last year. Every single one of these buildings (except for neighbourhood decorations, of course) has been built by me over a period of almost a year. Every single one of these houses is special. I've used LotAdjuster on most of them and most of these houses are even decorated on the inside, too! There are still some empty spots that need to be filled with houses and I even have the ideas for them waiting on pieces of paper. Sure, I could have taken the time to completely finish the neighbourhood, but I just couldn't wait any longer, for the desire to show off was just too big.

I still haven't built any of the factories I mentioned in the beginning, so there's still a lot of work to do. In addition to that, I'm also in the process of creating a suburb to this town. It will be a compilation of cottages and bungalows in the style of the Arts & Crafts movement, a few of which have already been completed. You cannot see any in the screenshots above, although they are right behind the park with rosebud trees.

I guess that's enough for now.

But seriously, I am in love with what I did. I mean, look at all the town houses nicely connected to one another! Or the alleys! Or the way the streets in the wooden district seem a lot more narrow than the ones in front of the stone houses! And look at the round park in front of the city hall! And the many courtyards! And the fields! And, my goodness, the trains!

I know it's just a game, but boy, do I feel accomplished!

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