Jan. 26th, 2012

lagritsalammas: (Classical man)
What is this craziness? Is it really lagritsalammas sharing a creation of his own? And in the middle of the night? Must be a lie! A filthy, disgraceful lie!

I am proud to present a small set of walls in the style of art nouveau + a small addition for the times you get particularly creative. All in all, the set consists of four different colour variations of my favourite William Morris' pattern all the way from the year 1875 with four different kinds of white wooden additions originally created by Pikkon/pikkoloidlee. That is: with baseboard only, with baseboard and upper skirting, with wooden panelling only and with wooden panelling and upper skirting + an additional panel wall = 17 walls for your turn of the century era houses. In-game, you will find the extra wall under Panelling and the rest under Wallpaper. You can see pictures of these walls in use in my previous Dreamwidth entry, where I pretty much covered the whole house with them.

The files are compressorized and labelled with the same name you'll find in-game. Even though it's quite clear to me, I guess it's wise to mention they are for The Sims 2 only. You are, however, welcome to convert them for the game that suits you the most, as well as include them in houses you share. I would ask you though to keep them away from paysites (that includes T$R) and the Exchange, should it ever exist again. Have fun with them! :)

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