Jan. 25th, 2012

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I haven't been very busy in the Sims community lately. That's partly because of real life but mainly because of a terribly slow internet connection. And then they keep telling us Estonia is one of the most technically advanced countries in the world. Pfft, whatever (although, yes, I cannot overlook the fact that we have free (and fast!) Wi-Fi in parks and buses, not to mention cafés and schools. Or the fact that the folk here can fully participate in elections right in front of their computer. And those are just a few of the privileges).

But yes, I've been simming and come bearing pictures.

3 Jostein Gaarder Circle, a house inspired by a marvellous building in Tallinn, destroyed during the 1980s, when the wooden architectural heritage was considered ugly, outdated and frumpish. I'm only happy to be living in different times and am glad to see more and more of these houses ending up being renovated and, even better, restored. I myself have, by the way, also finally moved into one and it's truly marvellous living here.

But on to the interior.

This is the Blue Salon, basically the living room. You can't see it in this picture, but I've made sure both main floors have high ceilings.

The other side of the room. I've covered the walls of the lowered storey with ZeroDark's beautiful art nouveau panels. Now that I think about it, they might not harmonize so well with the main wallpaper, but they surely give this room a whole new dimension. I also wanted a dark brown line to separate the ceiling from the wall, to bind the upper part of the room with the lower one, i.e. the floor.

I was mainly carried by the idea of a burlesque town house of a family whose favourite style is art nouveau. Throughout the house I used doors and archways in the style of the arts and crafts movement. Their stained glass sidelights really add a lot of character to the rooms. Another thing I used a lot is William Morris' immortal acanthus pattern in four different colour variations. I made these walls myself, combining the patterns with Pikkon's/pikkoloidlee's awesome panels. They'll be up for download soon.

All in all, I think it's a grand room. You can even see an old tiled stove peeking from one of the corners. I need to work on its textures though.
Also, Yuxi, Y U NO make ceiling medallion in the middle of square?

Next on, the Green Salon.

I can't really say the room has a lot of function. Unless, of course, you need to have two separate discussion groups.

My favourite part of this room must be the dark wooden ceiling it features. I figured this room doesn't need a lamp, but a ceiling medallion would be great. Many thanks to ZeroDark and Yuxi.

Since more empty rooms needed to be filled with stuff, I thought I'd create a sort of an alternative to a greenhouse. Nothing too fancy.

The dining room is one of the first rooms I finished, although later on modified it several times. What I like about it the most is the table which is not even a table at all. I used the nearly 3x2 bed skirt by HolySimoly to create a surface and added EAxis's lamp... "legs" extracted by lalabubus' to make it look like a table.

Goodness, how I love this room in its grand glory. By the way, thanks to a few invisible table recolours, the dining room should be fully functional. How cool is that?

Ready for a festive meal.

There's also a small study on the ground floor,

a library

and a bathroom on the upper floor,

as well as some unfurnished bedrooms. These last two pictures were mostly taken so I'd have some evidence of other colour combinations I did for the wallpapers. I'll decorate the empty rooms some time in the future.

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